The Game PADEL

Padel is racquet sport, mixture of tennis and squash,
it is played on a court with dimensions 20x10m



Padel affords the new opportunities to sports clubs, it is attractive for their members and brings them new members.


Padel affords the new opportunities for the hotels. Enables them to differentiate and along with this to offer an attractive sport.

Business opportunity

Padel is an investment opportunity which increaces the turnover and admit higher profit for sportcenters and club owners.

Sportive community

Padel affords the opportunities to meet new people in a pleasent community.


Padel is played as doubles, e.i. two players against two, the scoring system is the same as in tennis /15:0, 30:0 etc./, it is played best of three sets.

Padel is played with padel racquats and padel balls, which are similar to tennis balls. Once the ball is in play it has to bounce only once on the surface, it can hit one of the walls after the bounce. After hitting the wall player has to play it. Players may hit a ball as a volley. The server must be behind the service line, as the first he bounces the ball on the surface and then hits it below waist level. The ball must bounce in the service box opposite.

The play has effect of long and exciting rallies, players have a lot of fun. Even the beginner is able to learn to play padel in 10-15 minutes.

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When you play padel, you don´t need any differences in age or gender. Men, women and kids of every level can easily play together. That´s why padel is also familiar sport, the whole family can play together.

  • You are able to learn to play padel much easier than tennis, the play is easier, the beginner has fun after 5 minutes, you play longer rallies than in tennis.
  • Padel is sport for those who like new challenges.
  • Padel is ideal sport for seniors. They don´t need to run as much as on tennis, as the court is smaller and they play only doubles.
  • Padel is excellent sport also for ambicious players and professionals. International Padel Federation was founded in 1991 in Madrid and the tournaments are played all over the world.
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  • Padel is the way how to increase your physical condition, but on the other side people with the lower physical condition are able to play padel.
  • Padel attracts the wide range of population.
  • Padel is intergenerational sport, the grandparrents can play with their grandchildren, have fun together and play competitively.
  • Padel is interesting play to watch. The people have fun when they are watching it.
  • Rallies are longer than at tennis or squash.
  • Players play 3-4 times more shots than in tennis.
  • Padel is familiar play. Women, men and kids can play together.
  • People are closer to each other than on the tennis court what makes the sport more socialized. People can talk together even during the play.